#EuropeansAgainstCOVID19 exchange platform

What is the exchange platform?

The exchange platform is where regional and local authorities go to share their needs and ideas to fight against the pandemic. Regional authorities can use it to elaborate common solutions and to enhance mutual support between regions across Europe. It is part of the Committee’ action plan to assist, inform, engage and represent regions and cities across Europe by:

  • Fostering EU support to local and regional authorities in the health sector, via the call for an EU Health Emergency Mechanism;

  • Making available an exchange platform to foster cooperation and facilitate mutual support between cities and regions across Europe;

  • Providing concrete feedback from the local and regional level on how to address the health, emergency response, social and economic aspects of the pandemic and their impact on people and their local communities;

  • Providing regular and practical information to local and regional authorities about EU measures to address the crisis​;

  • Facilitating a reality check on the ground of the EU’s measures to fight the pandemic; gather evidence to improve EU policies based on the experiences of the local and regional level (policy health check)​.

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Share your stories

The European Committee of the Regions also wants to hear from you. They are looking for interesting stories you would like to share about:

  • Interregional or cross-border cooperation during the COVID-19 crisis;

  • Your efforts in economic recovery;

  • And how measures to contain the pandemic have affected citizens’ lives in border regions.

Positive or negative, these stories will help the Committee assess the impact of the virus on the regions and their citizens.

Fill in the simple form to share your story. And please make sure you mention the name of the programme, Interreg Europe.