DIGITECH: Digital Training for Entrepreneurs and Climate Heroes


Programme: Erasmus+
Project Reference: 2021-1-NO01-KA220-ADU-000026320
Coordinator: Norsk Klimanettverk


Combating climate change and minimizing its effects is a priority for the EU, and a crucial part of Europe's green revolution and ecological transition.
However, many organizations experience difficulties in managing the changes that are taking place. The acquisition of the skills needed to master the green transition is therefore crucial for European organizations.
In this scenario, DIGITECH intends to contribute to the upskilling of the NGOs, Associations and Social enterprises' staff, so that they can facilitate their local community in developing the necessary skills for the digital and green transition that we have just begun to live.
The main results of the project are:
● R1: DIGITECH Guide - Guidelines and instructions on how digital tools can be used in the sustainability sector
● R2: DIGITECH Carbon emissions app
● R3: DIGITECH Platform – online tool for showcasing the project results and promoting cooperation between all the parties involved