DigIT - Promoting digital skills among adult educators of older generations


Programme: Erasmus+
Project Reference: 2021-1-ES01-KA210-ADU-000034953
Coordinator: ADI & SALUS SERSOC SL


Through the exchange of good practices between ES, PT and IT, the DigIT project aims to promote digital skills among adult educators for them to be able to design high-quality digital educational programs for senior learners. We will train adult educators that work with senior learners and are interested in deepening their knowledge and skills of the purposeful use of digital technologies in education with +60.
In particular, DigIT aims to:
● promote the exchange of Good Practices and work methodologies, encouraging strong in-ternational teamwork, capacitating the involved organizations, particularly in terms of us-ing innovative educational digital tools.
● empower facilitators and educators on how to promote key digital competencies and per-sonal development among seniors
● explore different digital tools for the design of educational opportunities for seniors
●• provide an opportunity to adult educators to participate in a transnational educational ex-change among professionals from different countries, reinforcing a European identity and Intercultural learning.
We will create a MOOC (Massive open online course) for adult educators of digital tools to be used in the teaching of +60 senior learners and organize short trainings for adult educators, we will be contributing to the professional development of adult educators and ultimately to the availability of high-quality learning opportunities for senior adults, particularly for seniors with a low level of skills, knowledge and competences.